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@slester147 there used to be a meetup at Runa and then Staples, at the same place in San Mateo, but it was only occasionally organized. Does that still happen?


The SF meetup seems to draw a lot of people from the East Bay at any rate


Leaving work early enough where I am in the East Bay to make it into SF for the meetup is tough. It's mostly why I stopped going to meetups (when I ran the SF group, I had to make the effort and I think I moved it to a Wednesday because Thursdays were too difficult for me? At least one monthly meetup I used to run got moved to Wednesday for that). So, yeah, South Bay to SF is even worse.


It's really tricky for organizers because if you move the meetup later, to allow more time for folks to commute in from further afield, then local folks stop coming because they don't want to hang around waiting (or working) that long -- and it tends to mean the meetup runs later than many folks want to stay anyway.


Yeah, it's also a downside to have to be out later if you are trading off time with SO/ family etc to chat with Clojure people and hear an interesting talk.


If you work in the East Bay and live in/around SF, then at least once you get to the meetup, you don't have to commute all the way back afterwards.


Some of the meetups I've been involved with have tried alternating locations between SF and somewhere in the East Bay but that doesn't seem to help much -- and usually it's the East Bay attendance that suffers (more East Bay folks will go to SF for a meetup than the other way round, it seems).


San Mateo was a great location for me to get to -- straight across 92 and counter-commute -- so I was sad when that stopped happening.


If there's a company on the peninsula that wants to have a regular recruiting opportunity, they should sponsor it, because it seems there is some interest.


I see Yummly recruiting here and there, I bet they'd have the hookup on good food options for the meetup too.


Rebecca gave away all her secrets at ClojureSync on how to use a Clojure meetup to hire Clojure developers.


@arthur do you think Yummly might sponsor/host a Clojure meetup from time to time?


If anyone would like to speak at the next or a future meetup, let me know. I’d like to have 2 speakers per meetup, 20-40 minutes each.