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Would you recommend learning prolog before learning core.logic? What's the best course of action?


I tried prolog initially because it had a better syntax IMO but core.logic seemed to offer the same as I looked into it. There is an online REPL to write prolog without installing anything. SWI prolog is the recommended implementation. I used "learn prolog now" which is introductory and good. I wrote some basic programs in prolog to find relations and so on. Online repl : Learn prolog now : Solving graph coloring problem in prolog : My experience with prolog and core.logic (Shameless plug) : In case you want a full fledged book the art of prolog is said to be a good one : I am curious about others perspective on this.

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I have a few books on logic programming that I should probably go through


I'm going to check out that


so far i've been able to get a swig prolog repl working in emacs, which is a godsend 🙂