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Welcome to India! Pretty pleasantly surprised to know of Clojure in Hyderabad. Had only known of Pune, Bengaluru and Mumbai until now. (Not the hobbyist kind, of course.) I’m in Pune. Do invite your folks to join this channel and let us know if there’s a Hyderabad CUJ already.


Hi @jaju! Thanks! I was also pleasantly surprised ;). Haven't heard about a CUJ yet, maybe it's the right time to create one :). Hopefully I'll find a few local colleagues/people interested in clojure, and we'll organize something


By the way, I'm planning a visit to Bangalore for the next meetup in two weeks. Looking forward to meet some folks there


@nberger - That’s great! You’ll find a lot of friends there!

🎉 4

@jaju Is the meet up at nilenso office?


I heard of nilenso from clojure/in announcements on twitter


Hi Manas - I’m in Pune. So, quite far away! 🙂 Although I wish I could go just for these meetups. Nilenso is a key clojure place, of course. Then there’s Concur. And more of them. I believe they take turns.