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Yeah, I think those docs are a little out of date with the latest cloud api library. It seems the fix if you are using Jetty web server is to leave out those exclusions but require the jetty version used in cloud api in your top level deps.


Of course that doesn't fix issue with figwheel fix that you need to exclude the jetty websocket libs from figwheel and include the versions matching the jetty version included in cloud api in your top level deps.


- I'm using com.datomic/datomic-pro "0.9.5656" There is a datomic function for example :run-once when I do (d/with (d/db conn) [[:run-once]]) it results on for exaple :tx-data [#datom [55 33 :run-once 55324 true]], but when I transact, it does not do the same operation.