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Hey I work in Cold-chain Logistics. Basically we have devices which track Truck/Warehouse/etc temperature, location, etc. I work as a Senior Engineer on the data/software side, solely responsible for our (soft) real-time systems (e.g. Alerts). We primarily use NodeJS for our services. Looking for a Clojure/script role though. I'm doing a startup-ish product in Clojurescript with a friend on the side to hopefully make extra income and to gain Clojure/script industry experience.

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So your go-to stack is vanilla node.js in the backend and ClojusreScript for the frontend? 🙂


> Clojurescript frontend Haha I wish, we're a full JS shop. I've pitched either Haskell/Clojure for our backend systems but got rejected because of the typical managerial concerns when it comes to 'exotic tech'