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Is there a database of list of dependencies for a given artifact. I can't access it from the API. I wish to build a website that prints the dependency tree of a given library for the given version and also to track the issue with latest JDK. Is this data available via API or as a JSON dump or do I need to crawl the data?


@xtreak29 Dependencies are part of maven data: look for <dependencies>


Thanks. Is POM available as a JSON or much helpful as a dump? That would help me avoid scraping


Sorry. I clicked the link and rendered them in a browser. The XML output is helpful. Still a database will be very much helpful or I need to download the entire POM and construct a database for myself. I am sure someone would have done this already.


As far as I remember, Clojars doesn't have the dependency information in DB


Thanks. It gave me a good pointer. It's just that I don't want to scrap and load the server if the data is available since there are around 153k entries as I can get from


With each file around 5KB it will be a lot of data to scrape šŸ˜•


Hmm I think there is a way to load all pom files, for development environment


Yes, there is rsync option I think


Or maybe I have just used rsync. You could probably tell rsync to only load pom files, not jars.


> If you want to use the actual repo from, you can grab it via rsync.


> Note that this setup task isn't perfect - SNAPSHOTS won't have version-specific metadata (which won't matter for the operation of clojars, but may matter if you try to use the resulting repo as a real repo), and versions will be listed out of order on the project pages, but it should be good enough to test with.


I am ok with non snapshot data but there is no information about the URL for rsync and so on.


Hmm? Wiki shows the rsync command


But as you said I need only the poms and not the jars


--exclude '*.jar' might work, or --exclude '*' --include '*.pom'


Thanks a lot. I will try that.


I tried rsync -av --delete my-wonderful-copy-of-clojars --include="*/" --include="*.pom" --exclude="*" . It creates the folders. Around 42MB of empty folders but the pom files are printed on the screen and not downloaded. I cancelled in the middle. Am I missing something? I am trying to use the command against less data


maybe change the include - exclude order, so that include is done after exclude


Is there a way to only do 10% of rsync or something?


Gets me an empty directory

āžœ  ~ rsync -av --delete  my-wonderful-copy-of-clojars --exclude="*" --include="*/" --include="*.pom"
receiving incremental file list

sent 53 bytes  received 55 bytes  30.86 bytes/sec
total size is 0  speedup is 0.00


rsync -av --delete my-wonderful-copy-of-clojars --include="*/" --include="*.pom" --exclude="*" works . It seems there are duplicate pom files that I need to clean up. Thanks a lot.


@xtreak29 there is also which might have what you need, if not then open an issue and we might be able to add it