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@qqq I think you are in a relative minority here with your fascination...


"In our view, its intrinsic value must be zero" says Allianz Global Investors' Stefan Hofrichter, head of global economics and strategy...


(they're not the first financial company to offer that opinion)


It just seems like such a pointless topic to even discuss here.


As a sort of meta-conversation I find crypto currencies interesting because the fall into the same area of "disruption tech" as some startups. What's fascinating to me is that often these techs appear to be disruptive mostly because of the removal of safe-guards. Airbnb offers a different atmosphere and cheaper prices, but removes the safe-guards of working of working with corporations and the laws that come along with them. Hence the problems of racism and the like in the past. Once you remove the mandate that people must offer hotel rooms to everyone, biases surface. Likewise Uber/Lyft, look amazing until you realize their savings come from passing operation costs, income taxes, etc. onto the driver. For drivers to make livable wages they have to ask for tips, factor all that in, and these companies are basically taxies with cool apps. Cryptocurrencies are a lot the same, imo. Remove the tax and government restrictions around money, and you suddenly can do a lot with it. Sadly, if the currency is virtual, and it's truly worth nothing, what's to stop people from doing what we did in EVE Online all the time, and running massive scams, or just out-right stealing?


@seancorfield let's just make blockchain entropy credits and call it a day 😉


there’s a lot of money to be made from tax evasion and anonymous illegal transactions surely


To carry that into hyper-meta - that's basically what we do these days; lift all the guard rails to see what happens


Usually due to either lack of or neglect of documentation for the guard rails, their reason for installation, and likely effects of removal.


@seancorfield: alright, I will try to refrain from posting bitcoin/crypto to #off-topic 🙂


My question is, has anybody seen the following behavior from github:


somehow I would have expected github code blocks to render as fixed width...including ascii box characters. Has anybody seen this and/or know of a way to get the block to render as god intended?


ok slack is complaining about workspace storage being used up, not sure if the above screens are actually visible. The gist of my issue is that ascii box drawing characters are not rendered as fixed width in github markdown code blocks. If anybody knows a way around this I would appreciate any pointers.


Slack complains but still shows pictures :man-shrugging:


Why is clojurians indexed by google? I'm just wondering


@elena.caraba because the logs are public?


Yes, is that a setting that clojurians slack chose?


I'm glad it did, because that's how I learned about it from the search engines


Is it just specific channels that get search engine indexed?


@elena.caraba The @logbot in each channel captures the conversations to those log files. Then there's a publicly crawlable site that lets you browse and search those logs.


The site's been broken since November, but @logbot is still busy archiving stuff. So once the new browse/search site comes online (per that post that @borkdude mentioned), it'll all be up-to-date.