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morning, I was following this guide to get started with rn on clojure, and I have a question: if I try to add some invalid code, like:

[:> rn/Button {}]
I'll get an error message on the emulator, but it doesn't go away when I fix the issue (I disabled rn's hot reload to use just shadow's one. What am I missing?


You might have compile errors. Do you see anything in shadow's watch output?


@U0ETXRFEW I can see nothing suspicious on . Should I look elsewhere? I have errors in the emulator as well as in the Expo window


I usually look where the watcher is started.


I don't have any error there I think. I managed to solve this error hitting r on the metro console, but that doesn't always work


ok I discovered I can consistently recover from the error if I hit r r (double-tap) when I'm in the android simulator


but then I erase all the data. I hoped I could maintain the state as I recover from the errors. Is this normal?


It depends on the type of error.