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Hi all! I’d like to use the latest version of react-router (2.0.1) in my cljs project. However the cljsjs package for it is stuck at an old version (0.13.2). I tried to update the package, but the structure of this library has changed and there are no single big files for development and production, as there used to be; just the “modules” directory with a lot of imports and exports. Is anybody planning to update the react-router cljsjs package? @martinklepsch Any hint on how I could help out with this? (like, how do I package a js library that is spread over several files?)


@martinklepsch: I see. I tried with npm install, by I couldn’t find my big file. I’ll try again with npm build, and if I succeed you might get a pull request. Thank you for the hint!


@stepugnetti: you'll need to read up on the react router page to actually see what command needs to be run