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An interesting side case from #clojurescript : If you have code like (let [#js [1] 3]), the JSValue is placed in the resulting compiler exception, since JSValue is not serializable (it is just a plain deftype), this evidently causes an issue in environments expecting exceptions to be serializable ( boot is evidently one). I wonder if catches people often enough to matter. :thinking_face:


I can’t remember why I didn’t use records here


changing it to records would probably fix this issue as well:


btw. I tried to change it to defrecord in the first patch and “I just noticed that some tests broke because of the defrecord change.”


Yeah, I repro’d the same as well, which was unexpected. Perhaps we would have to add a bespoke Serializable. I’ll write a JIRA for this as a minor enhancement so it is in the potential queue.