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@pguillebert: that's a very good question simple_smile we haven't come to a strong conclusion on that front


right now, we are grabbing tables from postgres (configuration), importing them and using datascript to "enrich" our base set of facts


so we might have some basic idea of what IsClean means, but we'll enrich that fact with :cleanliness-threshold :low based on the information from the external configuration DB


not sure if that's what you're looking for or not...


obviously we've punted on guaranteeing we aren't affected by upstream schema changes for the moment


i'd like to talk about the configuration problem in general. we're going to need to have versioned rules per customer, likely with some kind of function registry, which may be as stupid as associating a set of versioned rules with a pointer to a git SHA where a particular file at that SHA is the mapping of our application's private functions, to the "public" functions that rules authors indirectly tap into when building rules


im also curious about persisting durable sessions. that would be interesting for auditing, capturing configuration at a point in time, etc.


would also provide a way to do replays