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I'm developing project A which depends on B, now I opened a file of B and would like to evaluate it in the REPL session of A to quickly test something. Is there a way to link the project to an existing session somehow?


If A depends on B should not it not all work in the A repl directly?


@martinklepsch i opened a project and jacked-in and then went to another project and ran sesman-link-buffer. you could try different "linkings" to eval that in the current project. presumably it would clobber and update the dependency?


@dpsutton that's probably what I was looking for


@andrea.crotti the two projects are in different directories and so cider thinks there's no connection for the current buffer. or so is my understanding at least


Yep, that’s right. See for more details on how sesman currently works. I definitely want us to add some more permissive evaluation mode down the road to account for such situations. Especially if you have just a single connection.


With a deps.edn project, how do I run a repl from emacs? cider-jack-in fires a repl but does not import the required libraries. Running clj from the project root works (edited) I keep getting Could not locate ... in the classpath