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@naomarik: didn't know about clojurescript-mode


I ahve been using cider for quite some time but always locally. Now I am coming to a Clojure project where te environment is dockerized, and I can’t seem to use cider-connect:

[nREPL] Establishing direct connection to ...
[nREPL] Direct connection failed
[nREPL] Establishing SSH tunneled connection ...
Quit [2 times]
What would be the first step to debug?


(Note: the people in this project were not using the cider repl. I also tried with this sample: - same result.


@nha is your docker image exposing the 7889 port?


@lvh ya - should happen automatically on cljs files but on cljc if you want to eval anything as cljs you just switch to clojurescript mode and it works


Yeah, we mostly have cljc :)


@naomarik it is (in the docker-compose file). And even in the sample github repo which exposes port 5000 ( I am not able to connect. Works fine locally otherwise


we also have a bunch of machine in an integration environnment that people connect to - can’t access those so I am tempted to think something is wrong with my setup.


Actually scrap the last comment - I can connect fine to these machines. Not to the docker one though.


…so I am now tempted to think the problem is in the docker env.. I haven’t got a lot of exp. with that though