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@hlship yes, we are using the cursive repl you can try the whole thing in the example project if it doesn't work for you, im happy to do a screen sharing and debug it on your machine


@hlship i just read back a bit more. from your stacktrace i suspect you are trying to start a Local REPL we use the Clojure REPL / Remote option with the Use Leningen REPL port option and just start the boot repl in regular terminal window. (you can technically start it from the builtin IntelliJ terminal, but if u quit IntelliJ, it won't terminate the processes u started from its terminals and the ports you were listening on from boot won't be released...)


(to be more precise we run boot dev which has a (repl :server true) on the backend and a (cljs-devtools) on the frontend)


@arohner that should not be the case I think. How are you observing that it's not picked up?


Is anyone using boot-garden. I'm just curious how one goes about doing media queries. I'm using a Tenzing template which follows the way it is shown in the example on the boot-garden readme.

(defstyles base
  (let [body (rule :body)]
     {:font-family "Helvetica Neue"
      :font-size   "16px"
      :line-height 1.5})))


Just realised that the most recent person is the one I need to talk to haha. I've spent hours on this thing and I probably could have just spoken to you. CC @martinklepsch


@grounded_sage hehe, I wish I could help, not using Garden much these days


Hi all, pretty sure I’m overlooking something simple - if I have :resource-paths #{"src/cljs" "resources/public"} and I have a cljs.edn file like this: src/cljs/somedir/app.cljs.edn, shouldn’t the cljs task create somedir/app.js? It seems to be always creating app.js in the root of the target directory no matter where I put app.cljs.edn? Any suggestions on what to check?


@martinklepsch after sleeping on it ... it appears to be working as it should. How strange xD


@upgradingdave what does your :dir option in your target invokation look like?


I’m just using (target) right now


I have multiple *.cljs.edn files and was hoping that I could control which relative dirs each *.js files get created inside by the relative directory of the *.cljs.edn files?


@upgradingdave hmm sorry, I don't know. I've never tried targeting specific .js files, other than to put the entire output in a directory other than the default target directory.


...wait this problem sounds familiar, like I read it somewhere...


@upgradingdave in the above example, I believe you'd like your "src/cljs" in :source-paths instead?


Thanks for your help, the boot-cljs wiki has a section "multiple builds" and seems like it might be possible


I tried source - paths too but no luck


I gotta run thanks again, ill keep at it later!


@upgradingdave no probs -- sorry I couldn't be of more help! However, I found what I stumbled over -- basically it says that the location of each edn in resource-paths and source-paths respectively need to match


@upgradingdave the applicable part is in *Step 3*


is there something like lein deps :tree for boot?


@hiredman look at the boot show task


yeah, I found the boot for lein users page


I am currently on my phone and I don't know the arg from the top of my head


show doesn't exactly work, because of course this(all?) build is a special snowflake, but it can be fiddled around


Thats always the case, hehe