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When I connect to a running nrepl process with cider's cider-connect


When I start typing in the repl buffer, it hangs for 5-10 seconds


It doesn't let me type during this time. It is just locked up. Cider 0.12.0 with the correspond cider-nrepl middleware etc (no warnings there)


malabarba: I ended up reporting my first issue just FYI


haven't posted anything for my current issue with a lock up every time I cider-connect to a running nREPL server. I'll probably do that soon.


I love CIDER! Thanks for the great work..!


Question about the debugger: is it possible to configure locals to show selected items, without too much work? E.g. I have 20+ locals showing up on everything view, but only need to check a few: filtering would be a great speed-up...thx


You can eval the one you want.


@roberto thx....but I am trying to #break at a single location inside a loop using 'H command, and which to see only those locals each time, without having to select my way to them everytime. So, once configured to view only those locals I am interested in, A successions of H, l commands should do the trick, or so I hope?


I tried the p command, but it forces me to wade through selecting each local individually every time 😞


that is how I’ve seen most debuggers work. This is more due to the limitations of the Emacs UI


personally, I break out the loop in to a function so I can limit the locals, debug there, and once i’m happy with the outcome, I put it back where it was.


but generally, my functions don’t have too many locals, so haven’t really had to the need you have


awright...great idea, I'll try that...thx!