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@arijun: @manutter51: Hopefully that problem will be fixed in the latest build, but you have to be able to update to it first. Try Settings-&gt;Languages &amp; Frameworks-&gt;Clojure and unset “Check for EAP builds”. Then you should be able to go to Settings-&gt;Plugins-&gt;Browse Repositories… and search for Cursive there.


@cfleming: There is no Clojure under Languages &amp; Frameworks, nor does a search for EAP or Clojure yield results. Is that because I uninstalled Cursive? The same thing still happens when I try to install Cursive.


@cfleming: Is there a way make the namespace search include namespaces from the project's dep libs?


allo! i'm failin to find a cursive command to run all project tests. am i failing in ide-discovery or is this unimplemented?


@arijun: Oh, in that case, go to Settings-&gt;Plugins-&gt;Browse Repositories…-&gt;Manage Repositories…. You probably have a cursive plugin repo configured there. Delete that, and then go back to Settings-&gt;Plugins-&gt;Browse Repositories…, refresh and search for Cursive.


@moizsj: Yes, when you search there’s an option “Include non-project files” in the popup. Press the same shortcut as you used to invoke the namespace search again, and namespaces from outside your project will be included.


@bvulpes: This is unimplemented right now, but I’m hoping to add a proper test runner soon.


I spent some time fixing a collaborators tests last night, in large part I think because they didn't have an easy way to get a green light for the whole project