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There's currently no separate system for repl vs prod builds in cljs land - while it's probably doable to have a separate system for dev vs prod for cljs as we do clj, I'm not sure if it's really worth the extra effort/skeleton. (devcards for example can also be switched on/off from the cljs build as well.) Are there other examples/libraries that would be nice to have as add-in components for repl-only cljs?


How about re-frisk?


Dev only tools basically


:preloads works pretty well, and the latest snapshot of re-frisk works also with that, so I don't think it's worth putting in effort.


ah, thanks! I'll have to look into re-frisk, I'm not super familiar with cljs tooling, which is why I ask. And I agree, unless anything shows up that can't be easily done under :preloads I'm tempted to leave it as is.


For my own curiosity, I might push up an example of a dev cljs system, but don't count on it appearing in chestnut core. 😉


BTW, I just got rid of org.danielsz/system, I found it annoying in that it made adding middleware complicated, that it is not compatible with any routing library but compojure and some other dependencies. He is adding bidi support, but it's only in master, the current snapshot is broken, too. Anybody else had similar feelings towards it?


I at least would love an option for chestnut to create the project with component but without system.


You certainly aren't alone - there was an issue about this previously:


I personally don't have much of a preference between duct-style middleware vs 'classic' middleware config though.


I see. Oh well, replacing it was rather painless. I don't mind component, it's just org.danielz/system that rubbed me the wrong way.


Gotcha. He's got a pretty quick turnaround on PRs at least - I've been wanting to dig into being able to swap compojure dependencies for a while myself, just hasn't been a big priority. I appreciate the lib for a-la carte components, but I agree there is definite room for improvement.