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Hey folks, does anyone know how I might do the following, whether via Joyride, existing Calva features ( or via PR 😉 )? I basically want to be able to automate/keybind/etc in one go the following, probs via some mix of vscode tasks and custom repl connect sequences 1. Run some terminal program 2. That program prints a remote nrepl url to stdout or some file - a full url like hostname:port 3. Calva essentially executes: a. connect to running repl outside your project b. for the address input that appears, autofill with the url output form earlier - or preferably, skip that input by reading from file or something in advance I know that when configuring a custom repl connect sequence, I can specify the location of the nrepl.port file. Of course, that file can only contain the port. How might I go about automating this?


I think calva offering an API to connect to nREPL is something that's on the horizon. I've had the same request.