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Patrick Brown17:06:15

EDITS: Leaving it all here. Despite the stupidity. Hey Datomic! What is the typical cause of this error. I’m following the ions tutorial on the datomic site getting my feet wet. Everything was going well until deploy gave me the below. I go and dig around in code deploy and my ec2 instance, but looking at the monitoring tab for the instance shows me nothing I wouldn’t expect to see. In all I don’t see an error message that can tell me where things went wrong. So, how does one debug these things? All I’ve got to go on is… The overall deployment failed because too many individual instances failed deployment, too few healthy instances are available for deployment, or some instances in your deployment group are experiencing problems. Since all I see now is that my instance is healthy, where do I go to find the problem? EDIT 1: You find your alarms in CloudWatch and check before asking. EDIT 2: I still can’t find anything telling me what’s wrong. Please take a look at that attached error message and help me out with what I’m missing. My alarms are write scaling, but since I’ve used the default datomic supplied values I don’t think it’s relevant. EDIT 3: Yeah, so there are event logs. In the individual deployments, mine are. `Event details` Error code ScriptTimedOut Script name scripts/deploy-validate Message Script at specified location: scripts/deploy-validate failed to complete in 300 seconds This is clearly the application code, since I didn’t change the tutorial code, it’s config, yet everything works at the REPL… I’m lost. DATOMIC ERRORS = CLOJURE ERRORS = GIRLFRIEND ERRORS = I could tell you what you did wrong, but if you were smart enough to do better, I wouldn’t be mad in the first place.