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Hi! I'd like to do some Clojure advocacy in the day job, using a bit of live coding in Calva. I’ve been enjoying @pez ‘s videos, and I’m wondering how to get Calva-specific key bindings to show up as they do in those vids. If I enable Screencast Mode (a native VS Code thing) then the raw key presses are shown, with modifier keys, but not the name of the action (eg Slurp Sexp Backward). Anyone know how to do this?


Hello! So happy to here you’re in to some Clojure advocacy! Also nice to hear my vids inspire and enjoy, I feel like such a noob making them. 😃


VS Code actually can’t do that key casting you see in some of the videos. I’ve been using a development version of VS Code However, I’ve also finally gotten those changes merged and they are now in VS Code insiders, so you can use that for your recordings/screen sharing. These are the settings I used last time I recorded:

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Actually, I might most often have used commandWithGroupAndKeys, because I like when Calva shows in the screencasting. 😃


You just need showAuthorName to complete the ego boost! You are a star. Thanks so much.

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It works like a treat. There's just one small wrinkle for me: option-Enter on a Mac only shows as Enter; other modifiers show up fine (eg command-Enter), and <option-Enter plus other modifiers> shows all modifiers including option. Seems to be a problem specifically with Enter - eg option-Z shows fine.


This is in last night’s insider build, with just Calva added.


Ah, that’s a which isn’t fully fixed yet. But we can work around it in Calva some by arranging the keybindings in a different order in the extension manifest. I thought I had fixed all those, but must have missed the enter/alt+enter one… You can try to run Calva in dev mode and switch places of these two in package.json. Please file an issue about it so that I remember to fix it. And of course if you fix it for yourself there, send a PR. 😃


Hello, the hover dialog boxes and navigation (eg F12) do not work in git-based file comparisons. Can anybody tell me if that is not supported or is something wrong on my machine? Edit: It seems to not work on read-only "tabs". If I compare a file in my current dir with the one from an earlier commit, works on the current file, does not work on the past file


You are welcome to file an issue about it. I don’t know what can be done, but with a ticket we have a place to figure together.