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Pragyan Tripathi03:11:18

I am trying to use Pathom Viz. I do my development within a vagrant box. I couldn't find anyway to connect Pathom Viz the pathom server running within the vagrant VM. Is there a way to connect it to remote pathom server. I see there a button to add a http connection. But I am not sure how do I find the connection information. Would appreciate any help in it.


If you have rest pathom endpoint you can just enter the url in Pathom Viz and you will have the same behavior. http://localhost:8080/pathom


In fact we normally use this as it is easier to see changes in the resolvers without reloading the index manually.

Pragyan Tripathi11:11:09

Can you point me to the doc where I can learn how to configure REST pathom endpoint? or any sample configuration?


if you want automatic reloads without need to refresh the registry manually you would need to tweak a bit the interceptor so that you reload the index on each request (do this only for dev mode)

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