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Can I get some help testing a VSIX before it is merged? • • • VSIX: See the issues for what should now be fixed. But mainly I want to know I haven’t broken anything that was previously broken, so if you run with this a bit, report if you see it misbehave. Thanks in advance! ❤️


I now added yet another change to the PR. Adding a setting to prevent inserting unbalanced closing brackets. As it isn’t really possible to do this in VS Code, it is a bit clumsy, the bracket is added (since we can’t stop it), then removed, then only added if there is unbalance in the document. The rational being that if there is unbalance, all bets are off, the human at the keyboard is best suited to heal it. The solution doesn’t behave well when it is a selection that is replaced with the closing bracket, so don’t do that if you have this setting enabled. Here’s the new VSIX: • Please consider giving it a spin, since the changes needed to support this are a bit foundational.

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