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Might anyone know why, just sometimes, you might get a whole slew of indicators that everything should be working correctly, but neither the output in the output.calva-repl shows up nor can you evaluate anything? Pictures below. This happened to me on another app, and I going nuclear and recreating from scratch worked, but I'd rather not need to do that again. It "should" be working?


I'm not sure "what" I did, but it's working now. I did have older dependencies for the nrepl (something like version ~6) and cider-nrepl (a couple of patch versions behind) in my root profiles.clj. I also had dependency to "venantius/ultra" in my root profiles.clj that I removed, and finally I simply restarted code. I'm not sure which of those fixed it, but here to say that it's all good now!


Glad it's working now! Either of those could have caused issues, unfortunately Calva wasn't showing what went wrong, at least in an obvious place (not sure if you checked the developer console but maybe something was printed there).


My advice to most folks having problems with Leiningen is to comment out everything in your user profiles.clj as a first step 🙂 and I seem to recall venantius/ultra as being particularly problematic (but I can't remember why).

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Oh wow, I didn't realize that Ultra advertised the fact that it is somewhat incompatible with CIDER!


See, this is why I like really simple tooling...