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has anyone had any luck at getting calva to work with onivim 2? -


Never heard of it. 😀 Looks cool. What happens when you try Calva there?


It prompts with this message. I should mention onivim2 is still in pre release, and support for vs code extensions is still being implmented. however it looks like many do work as of today.


I'm coming from the vim world, so I'm new to VS code and calva as well. But I will say the docs and everything on Calva I have seen so far look amazing!!


Looks very broken if that message shows up for you on a fresh install.


yea I thought so too. thanks for the heads up. I'm going to speak with the onivim team and see what they say. its almost certainly a lack of implementation on their side


I didn't mean that onvim is broken. More like Calva is broken on onvim. In case that want clear. 😀


Calva almost, but don't quite, work on Theia. But there I have sort of wine clues what is lacking. With onvim I think it might be a lot, since it has problems right off the bat.


haha ok fair enough. oh cool! never heard of theia, but looks slick too. well good to know there is hope! I'm hoping I can get more info on what exactly happens when onivim tries to boot it up and hopefully then I can share those details here if there is anything relevant.