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Hi team, I've started working on cljfmt indentation rules

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at the moment it supports simple clojure forms but I can extend it to regular expressions


would appreciate any feedback


I love this! Will check the changes out a bit and provide more constructive feedback on the issue.

Mark Addleman14:01:34

fwiw - I'm using Calva more and more for my daily dev work instead of Cursive. The big advantage for me is that I can run Calva & VSCode on an EC2 instance, interacting with it through a browser using (pretty neat!). The big thing I find I miss from Cursive is some navigation support. Specifically, I miss navigating to the top level vars in the current namespace (in Cursive, this is File Outline) and I miss jump to namespace (I know VSCode has jump to file but I'd rather think in namespaces)

Mark Addleman14:01:55

Also, is there a way to deselect a highlighted range after surrounding with parens/braces/brackets? I commonly use ctrl-w to select a range and then "(" to surround with parens and then i'd like to type in a function/macro name


It’s worth a lot! 😍


There is an old PR about adding symbol outline support. Which would help with the navigate to top level vars, I think. Can you describe jump to namespace some more? Not sure I get it quite…

Mark Addleman16:01:28

In Cursive, you can navigate among files by using their namespace names rather than munged directory names. For example, I could navigate to library.test-utils instead of library/test_utils. It's a small thing but it helps to reduce context switching


File an issue about it, please. I think it shouldn’t be too much work fixing it.

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As for deselect, you can do that by pressing left arrow. You can also wrap and deselect atomically by using the Paredit Wrap () command.