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[com.wsscode/pathom "2.2.29"] is out! a few fixed bugs: - pc/reader2 will return ::p/not-found instead of an error when dependency links are missing @fjolne.yngling - ::p/env is automatically removed from mutations that return it and have no query @mroerni Check the full changelog at:

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@fjolne.yngling I decided to not fix the parallel-reader case at this time, the reason is that there are some complex usages of it, and chancing that may break some critical scenarios, so I rather keep it consistent there


@wilkerlucio great, thanks! i’m not sure what you mean about parallel-reader though, it seems to be working as expected


I mean the second example you add after, reported from @U2J4FRT2T


but there’s no parallel-reader in that example? for me it’s also returning not-found


hum, you right, I saw him using the parallel-parser and assumed he was using the parallel-reader, in this case it should be fixed as well, I'll double check