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I completed the integration of Calva into Edge. If you'd like to see how it looks, clone Edge and try jacking into the example project vent in examples/tutorial.vent. You will need to use the aliases :dev, :build, :dev/build.

aw_yeah 4

Hi. When I set "clojureWarrior.bracketColors" to [] matched bracket highlight also gets disabled. Is it an intended behavior? Can I have match highlight without that colorly thing?


Hmmm, If you put just one color in there, maybe?


Also, that issue should be reported, I think. Doesn’t make sense to me that bracket highlight should be disabled.


btw, I can recommend using a grey scale rainbow, if you think the colors are too much, but still think that some indentation information would be nice.


@pez single color works, takes time to align with the color theme thought


@pez should i fire the bug in calva or in ?


The Clojure Warrior repo, me thinks.


It seems to me that the various paredit cut commands do not stick things in the cut-buffer. Is it only me, is it intentional, or should I file an issue?


Probably issue, but you can give some examples here first, and I can test in my side.

Daniel Hines17:06:24

So, thanks to your hints, @pez, I’ve got intellisense working (by opening a browser on the host machine). In Spacemacs, as I typed a function call, I would get hints about the arity (i.e the names of the parameters). Is there a way to see that in Calva?

metal 4

There is no good way to see it as you type and need it, unfortunately. But there is a mounting pressure to add such a way. Chip on on the issue on GitHub.

Daniel Hines17:06:10

What about clearing the REPL window? Just to visually clear up the screen, is that thing?


I might have dreamed it, but I think I might have added that... Try ctrl+l. If it does not do it, then maybe I ran into problems implementing it...

Daniel Hines18:06:59

Confirmed! Ctrl+l works!

Daniel Hines18:06:55

You da man! One last question (I shouldn’t say that :P): am I using parinfer wrong? To add the next line, I end up having to press spacebar a million times. That seems to defeat the purpose a bit.


There is not much of parinfer in Calva. And, not sure what your million spaces are supposed to achieve. 😎

Daniel Hines19:06:53

I tried toggle modes to Paren, and this seems much more what I expected.

Daniel Hines19:06:03

Is there a way to get (s/explain spec some-failing-value) t

Daniel Hines19:06:07

to print in the REPL?

Daniel Hines19:06:11

Or anywhere in VS Code?

Daniel Hines19:06:53

I’ll just use explain-data


Evaluate it to the repl?

Daniel Hines19:06:55

s/explain wasn’t printing to the repl, it was just evaluating to nil.

Daniel Hines19:06:02

s/explain-str is working great.

Daniel Hines19:06:26

prn does the same thign