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@micha: @jumblerg you said you didn't really have issues downloading the dependencies of your projects. im on a t2.medium instance in the singapore (`ap-southeast-1`) region and it takes about 2 minutes to download just the (~3kb) pom files for the aws-java-sdk from maven central these ones:

Retrieving aws-java-sdk-simpledb-1.11.26.pom from  (3k)
Retrieving aws-java-sdk-servicecatalog-1.11.26.pom from  (3k)
Retrieving aws-java-sdk-simpleworkflow-1.11.26.pom from  (3k)
Retrieving aws-java-sdk-storagegateway-1.11.26.pom from  (3k)
Retrieving aws-java-sdk-route53-1.11.26.pom from  (3k)


(im trying to exclude the unnecessary ones of course, but still it highlights my issue... i will try it from a US machine later. it might be just the network performance of a t2.medium sucks this much too...)


i hope it's not somehow boot related


maybe there is no http/1.1 connection to maven central with keepalive while getting these pom files?...


hi, when I bumped boot version from 2.5.5 to 2.6.0 the target task ceased to dump files at the end of the pipeline, resorting to using the BOOT_EMIT_TARGET default (yes) works, but that shouldn't be the way to do it according to warnings and docs, right...?


going back to 2.5.5, the problem persists... 😞


the best way to do this is to add the target task to the end of your build pipeline, eg:

(deftask build []
  (comp (speak) (hoplon) (cljs :optimizations :advanced) (target :dir ["tgt"])))


thanks, will try that


doing that yields a null pointer exception hmm


I got it working now, thanks again


@molstt the implicit writing to target dir was removed in 2.6.0, replaced by the explicit target task


that's what the deprecation warnings in 2.5.5 were supposed to be saying, but the message wasn't very clear


it was confusing for many people so we just removed the implicit target behavior in 2.6.0 and got rid of the deprecation