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So, proton died on me randomly a few weeks ago and I’ve been unable to figure it out how to fix it. I was busy with other stuff and just switched back to spacemacs for the time being, but really want to get this figured out.


proton-mode is giving me this:

Uncaught TypeError: this.resolve is not a function


Tried removing my .proton file and reinstalling - no dice so far.


So apparently... if you include the package choose-panes inside your .proton file… it completely nukes Proton.


and removing it from your .proton file does not fix the problem. You have to manually remove the choose-panes folder from .atom/packages/


I had choose-panes installed for a week with no problem, but started hitting the show-stopping this.resolve is not a function error after updating Atom, so something must’ve changed that broke it.


Weird that it completely took down proton and the error didn’t mention choose-panes at all.


that is indeed strange


proton doesn't really touch packages except their name. Especially on additional-packages


weird that that error is thrown from within proton


the problem seems to be here, which is called from this callback during init, and that init initiated from proton's cljs, I'll try to investigate little later, maybe I'll get common with proton code myself


but the real problem is dynamic binding of this in js, which was cause of so much pain in my experience


btw, anybody have this problem that repl from proto-repl with proton is always in input mode and I can't switch it back to normal? Also it works fine with vanilla atom and installed proto-repl and vim-mode-plus.


investigated a little, and it seems that the cause of that error is proton's init phase, particularly this event gets fired when proton setting "editor.softWrap" config value (seems like this line can't say for sure, I don't have source maps) But having really limited knowledge of atom, I can't really say whose bug it is, any ideas?