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Jacob O'Bryant10:02:29

I've finished updating the new project script. I ended up making it so it does a dumb search and replace on various parts of the example project when copying the files over (e.g. com.example anywhere gets replaced with the namespace you specify). You can replace master with dev in the regular new project command to try it out:

bash <(curl -s )
I've tested it on my main machine (linux/wsl). Haven't tested it on mac yet. It'd be helpful if any of you want to give it a shot (especially if you're on mac) and make sure you can run the example app and use it from the web browser. There are some instructions in the readme that'll be generated for provisioning a server and deploying. Much of it is the same as before, though I haven't tested it yet. For dev-in-prod workflow I've added in the same commands I've been using in my own projects. In the task file, see prod-dev, auto-soft-deploy and soft-deploy if you're curious. (`auto-soft-deploy` IIRC definitely doesn't work on mac--I've got some alternate bash code laying around somewhere for watching files on mac that I'll need to throw in). Remaining stuff on the todo list: • test production stuff (provisioning, deployment) • make sure everything works on mac • update all the documentation and finish setting up the new website • final round of code cleanup • update github issues • release: merge to master, push to clojars, make the announcement, rejoice • start writing some dank content for the newsletter

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Jacob O'Bryant10:02:24

also the new script does shell expansion, so you can type ~/foo/bar for the project directory and it'll work 😉 I was gonna add tab completion too but couldn't figure out how with <5 minutes of googling--not sure if it's trivial or not