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Stuart Sierra did all the work here, then announced it in the Clojure Google group. I am simply copying the announcement here, for those people who might notice it here but not there: The first change in almost 2 years — it's a new release of Component! is a tiny framework for starting and stopping many stateful resources in the right order. This release adds the Leiningen project.clj: [com.stuartsierra/component "1.1.0"] deps.edn: com.stuartsierra/component {:mvn/version "1.1.0"}

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I am very pleased to announce the first release of clj-otel, a small idiomatic Clojure API for adding telemetry to your libraries and applications using OpenTelemetry, an emerging standard for telemetry in cloud-native software enabling effective observability. Follow-up in channel #clj-otel

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