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I have a question that feels like it should be simple. I have a vector that contains [ 'Code1', 'Name', 'Desc', 'group1', group2','repeating groups'] I’d like to convert it into a hashmap that looks like {:code 'Code1', :name 'Name', :description 'Desc', :groups ('groups1', 'group2', '…')} What’s the right way to do this?


Hi, is there some way to pass 2nd (or any non-first) argument to the function which is value of the 1st argument Thing is that sometimes I have function of form (fn (fn2 a b c) x y) and I want that x is actually value of (fn2 a b c)


(let [x (fn2 a b c)] (fn x y)), if I’m understanding you correctly?


or (let [x (fn2 a b c)] (fn x x y))?