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Hey guys, I'm a Clojure beginner and really interested in do TDD while solving some programming challenges. Do you use any test library to do function tests?


clojure.test comes with clojure and is the most popular by far

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Are there any guides on namespace naming? I see a lot of com.project.module.


There is a java convention to prepend packages with some “owned” name, often a domain with the tld first This has been adopted for Clojure namespaces by some


@U3G3MBL9H If you look at clojure libraries and on you will see that its typically project.module or company.project.module. No need to use com or other qualifier and I havent seen anyone outside big corporates do this. We had a requirement at work (big corporate) to use however they were only used internally.


I think you'll find library.core + library.module is pretty common


Also project.subsystem.api is a thing that you see in projects, eg the ClojureScript compiler