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A couple of questions on glam: i) could glam be made self-installable? i.e. use clojure -Sdeps with the glam package to install the glam binary ii) when using glam as a package manager outside the context of a shell, is there a way to get the path of just a single tool (either from cache or have it installed as a side effect)?


@U0HFRSY0M What context is ii - the JVM / bb?


Can you give more info? I think i) is easy to support, we just have to add a package for glam itself


For ii, I’m using glam to provide repeatable tool versions for makejack, Makejack invokes tools directly without using.a shell, The new glam.edn file can be used to fix the version of the tool. Currently it uses the install command and parses the output path string to get the tool’s path. Ideally makejack would be able to install tools whether or not glam has been explicitly installed by the user. It currently use clojure to install a babashka version, then uses babashka to run glam.


@U0HFRSY0M I'm not sure if glam will stay compatible with babashka - I think the way forward is to use the dedicated binary or glam as a JVM lib. So for ii you would then install glam-bin rather than babashka.


Could you make issues about this? I would be happy to support it.

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API docs for babashka.process: Will be part of 0.2.3

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