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pod.xledger.sql-server can also be run with dotnet core on macOS!


I'm going to do a talk on babashka and sci internals 1st of December in an online meetup. I'm looking for 1 or 2 volunteers who'd like to ask me questions while I give a tour of the internals to make it more interactive. Please drop me a note if you feel like volunteering.


What time is the meetup?


"Regarding the time we normally meep on Tuesdays 18.30 (GMT+1) London time you can pick a date." I'm not sure since GMT+1 is not London time I think, now I'm confused :)


I'll double check

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Ah, now it's GMT+1 in London, but on December they are back to GMT+0. So it's probably still at 18:30 UTC


Looks like that's 11:30 A.M. my time. I would really enjoy asking you questions about the internals of babashka, count me in!


@U8KKDKPG8 also reached out. I now have two persons asking questions, which is excellent. Can you both send your e-mail to me so I can give them to the organizer?