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Binod Sarkar10:07:37

Hi It is related to AWS QuickSight I am trying to add user to group.

(defn create-group-membership
  [qs-client aws-account-id qs-ns group-name member-name]
  (aws/invoke qs-client {:op :CreateGroupMembership
                         :request {:AwsAccountId aws-account-id
                                   :Namespace qs-ns
                                   :GroupName group-name
                                   :MemberName member-name}}))
But it is failing with the below error ....... The Canonical String for this request should have been\n'PUT\n/accounts/..... But I am not able to find how to pass the request method. I have already tried :request-method :put but no luck

Binod Sarkar05:07:16

After updating library to latest version it is working fine.

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