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Rupert (All Street)11:08:34

@nicola - at All Street we use visualise our Integrant dependencies graphs using Loom (requires graphviz). They end up as DAG SVG files. Nodes = Integrant components. Vertices = dependencies. The SVGs can be opened in a web browser and use the browser search to find labels.

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I'm looking to visualize procedure/function not oop-like components

Rupert (All Street)11:08:38

You could do a similar graph of function names (nodes) and their dependencies (vertices). You may find it to be quite messy and hard to follow. Clojure can be read as EDN to produce this or there might be libraries already for this. We found that at the function level, the code itself was a reasonable way to understand the relationships. Visualisations will take quite a lot of tweaking to make them look reasonable (e.g. blacklist common function calls from the graph like seq , map etc). The resulting graphs may also end up huge.


Thanks, I'm lookin for conceptual visualization rather implementation - aka block schema for algorithm, or ER for databases

Rupert (All Street)11:08:08

Example screenshot from our codebase: