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I’ve released version 0.3.6 of, a framework for structurally scraping whole sites in Clojure. Get it from Clojars: {skyscraper/skyscraper {:mvn/version "0.3.6"}} . Changes in this release: • Feature: New option :use-http-headers-from-content that can be set to false to disable charset detection based on the HTML response body. • Fix: Uncaught exceptions thrown by enhancers (like the DB one) should now be propagated to the toplevel and handled gracefully.

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Ertugrul Cetin19:07:45

Enion Online: Epic PvP Battle Game Now Open Source on GitHub: • ClojureScript + PlayCanvas game engine • Clojure for multiplayer part

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GDL: Game Development Language. A domain specific language designed for making it fun, simple to write games and without compromises. Based on libgdx Work in progress, would welcome feedback and contributions.

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