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Yesterday I pushed the first version of It is basically the "REPL Clients" for Chlorine - with the exception of Socket REPL, that I will drop on future versions. It's a ClojureScript (only CLJS for now, working on adding Clojure support) library that connects to nREPL and the Shadow Remote API to evaluate commands, break evaluation, send nREPL and Shadow commands, etc. It has been used into Chlorine for years, and I'm splitting the library to test it better, be useful on other tools, and basically to avoid some "conversions" I've been doing. This is the first release, it's probably not yet 100% complete, but it's already quite usable too. Discussions can be at either #CF02KPG4U or #C04CAKAGADU 🙂

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When you say you'll drop the socket repl, do you mean you'll add support for it to Orbit later, or that you will no longer work to support Socket Repl?


I will no longer support it, basically. It never worked well, it's way more complicated than it seems, and even by using UNREPL there are some very hard to solve problems to make it work right (an example - when evaluating code using the Datahike DB, UNREPL will spit unreadable EDN which breaks the whole process)


Make sense. Ya, it's too bad. I wish the core team pursued that idea a bit more, the UNREPL concept, with the default repl. Because it has a lot of potential. I really only relied on it for when I needed to connect to a prod application. That's where it shined. And having a little bit of auto-complete and all in those situations was quite nice.


I still intend to keep all functionality for autocomplete without middlewares and such, it's just the socket REPL connection that's going away.