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v0.8.0 of, a tool to quickly try Clojure (libraries) on rebel-readline. Changes: • Upgrade [compliment/compliment]( Includes provided PRs (thanks @alexyakushev for the feedback and releases!): ◦ suggest namespaces from cljc files. e.g. TAB-ing at (require ‘[| now suggests malli.core. ◦ docs of ns-alias work just like the full ns. ◦ aliases can be completed. ◦ completions and documentation also work when symbols are preceded by literals. e.g. #’some-ns/some-db • Suggestions UI: ◦ don’t limit amount (let jline handle this). ◦ vars show up in yellow. ◦ suggested namespaces that are not required show up in magenta. ◦ sort namespace suggestions based on ‘depth’. • Fix clojuredocs-url of namespaces. • Sort apropos results by length. • source and examples also work when symbols are preceded by literals. • showing docs of special forms. • highlighter ◦ highlight ns-aliases. • allow to override project-deps. e.g. $ deps-try ~/projects/compliment-fork • Use clojure 1.12.0-alpha4.

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