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mjhika04:04:48 I've made a small script to install babashka babashka easily on windows. It supports an override directory and version. If you find that you're not deploying scoop to windows endpoints but still want bb quickly and easily, then this might be a good fit. If you want automatic updates stick with scoop this isn't trying to replace that

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Generative coding / visualization library: 1.4.5 released. What's new / changed: • fastmath.color revisited • Oklab color space family • :onrepaint window mode (to limit refreshing and CPU consumption) • mixbox from Secret Weapons (mind the licence of usage) • renderer refactoring (linear and splats modes) • mkl dependency removed • documentation for fastmath.colorclj-kondo hooks

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v0.18.0 (alpha) of Tutkain, a zero-dependency sublimetext package for interactive Clojure development, is out (, Highlights: • for both RPC-style (one connection) and REPL-style (two connections) communication between the client and the runtime • A over clojure.repl.deps/add-lib and clojure.repl.deps/sync-deps (requires Clojure v1.12.0-alpha2 or newer) Note that if you use Tutkain with Babashka, you must update to Babashka v1.1.171 to use this version of Tutkain. Follow up in #C030F786GAD.

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The add-lib UI is neat. If you're interested, you can also get a list of git deps on github from

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Thanks! I’ll check it out. 👍:skin-tone-2:


@U7RJTCH6J how often is that updated?


Once a week. Usually on Mondays.


Cool, thanks. The dump is small enough that downloading the whole thing every time probably isn’t a problem, either.

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If you ever decide to make a HTTP API, I’m interested. 🙂 In the meantime, this oughta work, at least until Clojure explodes in popularity and that dump becomes gigabytes big.


Im also open to other formats if you have suggestions.


Nah, this works for me. In an ideal world, there’d be something like, but that would cost money and time to maintain, of course. 🙂


Thanks for the suggestion and for making Dewey! 👍

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> Nah, this works for me. In an ideal world, there’d be something like, but that would cost money and time to maintain, of course. Yea, I've been investigating options for hosting a public, read only database, but haven't found a solution that I've been happy with.

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Joshua Smock14:04:44

Hey y’all 👋 Quick intro: I’m Josh, an engineer at Pitch. I’m happy to announce that we’ve just publicly released, which is a ClojureScript wrapper for, a very popular testing framework in the JS community, especially when dealing with frontend applications and component tests. We’ve been using it internally for a while now with great success and are happy to release it to the wider community. There are comprehensive docs on the repo and to get started. Some features at a high level: • Very similar API to cljs.test , and support for unit tests via is . • Support for component tests via JSDOM, a pure-JS DOM implementation. • Async support without needing to deal with a done callback and a built-in async / await style macro. • Simple ability to fake timers such as setTimeout . • Simple configuration, and none needed for simple setups. I’ve made a #cljest channel for questions, comments, issues, etc. around cljest and Jest in general, and I’m happy to help if you have any questions! Happy Jesting 🙂

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Roman Liutikov15:04:29

For context: we are using cljest at Pitch for component testing where Cypress tests tend to be unnecessarily expensive, it's working great for us thus far.

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this looks great and well documented… will definitely try it out

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Dmytro Bunin14:04:42

Added it to work project already. Works great, thanks for releasing it! pitch