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Morning, breaking fast …

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Good morning! I just gave Midjourney a Feynman quote.


> Thermodynamics is the science of what happens when the fast things have already happened, but the slow things have not yet happened. (I doubt it is an exact quote, but close enough, probably.)

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Now feed it back to an image description ai. If it states „This is a visualization of thermodynamics", I'll be impressed. And get scared.


At least Midjourney doesn’t pass that test with this image: > an abstract image of an orange train going through a tunnel, in the style of vray tracing, colorful explosions, robotic motifs, strong contrast between light and dark, hyper-realistic details, heistcore, industrial inspiration


A funny thing was that I heard that Feynman quote in a podcast where they were discussing e/acc and it’s rather dubious rootings in thermodynamics. The podcast host asked about what is most likely to happen from a cup of tea on a table. To which the answer was that Feynman quote and that in the very long run (when the fast things have happened) the most likely thing was to expect the cup to melt. In the shorter run (when some of the very fast things have happened) to expect the tea to cool down and warm up its surroundings. Midjourney also made this from the same quote:


Asking it for a description: > a heating fan and cup of tea with heat coming from it, in the style of surrealistic distortions, hyper-realistic water, whiplash curves, minimal retouching, colorized, melting pots, fragmented advertising


Morning all.


Good day folks! Do you know any available freelancers for Clojure(Script) work in EMEA time zones?


I’ll be available for gigs from start of June. I have more experience with ClojureScript than with Clojure.


and have a look in #C06B40HMY and #C05006WDW as well of course


@U0AU4CPTN Check out the #C05006WDW and #C06B40HMY channels


@U04V15CAJ great minds think a like 😉

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#available-for-jobs sprung up recently, worth a look as well 👀


Thanks all! Will repost there


@U0AU4CPTN FYI, the #C050UG324GM channel is only for people seeking jobs, but you as a job offerer may respond there to people who seek jobs, whereas in #C05006WDW and #C06B40HMY you're free to post yourself

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what I like about this is the white noise, but then I listen to 24 hours of Enterprise D warp core too;id=KvXWqro


I can just imagine sitting (or swimming!) in an EVA Unit-01.


Good morning. There is no blue.

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Daniel Craig17:04:12

Are there other colors? Or is it a black and white photo. My colorblind eyes would like to know


Black and white

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Pink? Blue? White?

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