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> > Convert XML into Hiccup in Clojure and ClojureScript. I have used this code for a while to convert XML into Hiccup on both the backend and frontend. Today, I decided to put it into a separate library.

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> > Turn a Pedestal web service into a SAML Service Provider. And for all of you SAML-lovers out there… (do you even exist?) I have used this code for several years in production, but this is its first real release as a library. It was basically the first piece of code I developed for a production system all the way back in 2020. In fact, very little has changed in the meantime other than a few dependency bumps since I spent a long time getting it right. The library can be used as either a set of routes that you add to a Pedestal web service to make it possible to login via SAML or its constituent parts can be used independently in your own implementation. I have wanted fine-grained control of authorization before and saw fit to implement it as part of this library. There are some clever bits in it... for example, you can use SAML authorization in both frontend and backend, both inlined in your code and at the route level, and it’s all integrated! For example, you can have authorization code at a route in your backend and your frontend will magically know whether the currently authenticated user can access that particular backend endpoint, allowing you to tailor the frontend code to different authorization levels in a totally decoupled way.

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that is a good enterprise client friendly bit of code.

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