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practicalli-john16:03:35 provides a user configuration for Clojure development with Spacemacs (Emacs community config) and is used in the Major refactor of configuration The user configuration has evolved over the last 7+ years of using Spacemacs for Clojure development, especially with the introduction of Clojure LSP. Care has been taken to ensure Clojure and other layers are optimally configured for use with LSP whist still providing a minimally invasive UI. The design of the config has been split to make it simpler to manage your own custom configuration on top of the configuration provided by Practicalli. Most notable changes include • renamed GitHub repository to and renamed default branch to main • Refactor dotspacemacs/user-config into individual files (matching the approach taken by Practicalli Doom Emacs Config and Practicalli Neovim Config) • Update clojure and autocomplete layer variables for optimal use with LSP and remove clash between clojure-mode comment form and LSP • Update LSP variables to include peek menus for references, symbols, etc (consistent with a visually minimal use of lsp) • git layer configured with git-delta plugin for enhanced diff highlights • spacemacs-modeline - hide evil state icon (use cursor colour & shape for effective state tracking) • Move unused configuration to deprecated-config.el for historical reference See for full details.

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Hi John, this spacemacs stuff looks great 🙂 Would be good to know if you have any suggestions on what the doom clojure module is missing in comparison


There are lot of conveniences that I have become used to with Spacemacs that I did miss when using Doom Emacs for the last 3 months. The most noticeable change switching from Spacemacs to Doom Emacs are the keybindings. Spacemacs has a detailed keybinding guide so keys are the same across multiple languages, so these have become very ingrained. Changing key bindings in Doom Emacs (and many other configs) was relatively simple and I created numerous changes to make things easier for myself - I also changed many key bindings and configuration for the Clojure module, mostly adding the key bindings I originally designed for Spacemacs many years ago - I've tried to document some of the differences if migrating from Spacemacs to Doom, although this is far from complete - (something I can add to at a later date though) Whether people miss these conveniences as much as I do depends on if they were actually used (I am sure there is still quite a lot of Spacemacs I dont use). Some of these things can also be achieved (albeit with different key bindings) using Vim-style editing commands, so may be of less valuable to the doom emacs community which seems to predominatly be people with a stronger vim/neovim background (like the original author)


That's interesting, I'll make a note to read through those 🙂 I think yeah changing keybinds is kinda subjective, I made an effort to make the current set of binds more obvious in a recent PR; I think adding more could work if it's not too cluttered


Yes, Its way too late to change any of the existing key bindings, although adding key bindings can be very useful especially if they are given useful labels and organised in meaningful sub-menus. Feel free to use what ever you think is of use to the community, its all under creative commons zero license so can be added to Doom Emacs

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Etaoin v1.0.40 - A pure Clojure Webdriver protocol implementation Just (thanks @borkdude) Drop by #C7KDM0EKW with any questions! Etaoin is one of the many projects under the loving care of

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