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Pathom 3 2022.08.29-alpha is out! This release includes some fixes and a couple of nice new planner optimisations, in special there is one finally capable of optimising sibling similar OR branches (check the attached image, before on the left, after on the right). These optimisations are still experimental, to use than you need to add the flag ::pcp/experimental-branch-optimizations in your env (if you find any issue with them active, please make a report). Changes: • Add support for ::pcr/wrap-merge-attribute hook in async and parallel runners • Add support for ::pcr/wrap-merge-attribute hook on idents (all runners) • Fix issue #152 missing shape check when data value is nil • Optimize AND siblings with same branches • Optimize OR siblings with same branches 🎉 • Optimize AND branch that has same branch structure as parent • New branch optimizations are opt-in via ::pcp/experimental-branch-optimizations flag at env • Fix ::pcr/wrap-mutation-error, now working in all runners

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