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Mark Wardle20:08:20

Hi all. I did manage to use portal with the IntelliJ plug-in at some point, but I tried recently and I get this error: Loading dev/com/eldrix/pc4/dev.clj... done (def p (portal/open {:launcher :intellij})) Execution error (ExceptionInfo) at portal.runtime.jvm.launcher/get-config (launcher.clj:28). No config file found: intellij.edn I've probably done a few things since I last had it working, including a different version of portal, and a different version of IntelliJ. It still works using chrome of course.


I think you might need to have to open the portal tab first now

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Mark Wardle20:08:19

Oh of course - thank you. It works. Stupid of me. Really like portal so thank you for building it!

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Yeah, no worries. I think we had to change when the extension initialized to allow it to work while IntelliJ was indexing.

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Might improve the error message to include this info :thumbsup:

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