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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)08:07:35

Aleph 0.5.0 is now available. It includes many bugfixes, and some speed improvements. Please give it a try! Many thanks to our contributors: Arnaud Geiser, Moritz Heidkamp, Erik Assum, Ivar Refsdal, and Matthew Davidson (me) Changes: • Add initial clj-kondo hooks • Minor bugfix in examples code • Add pipeline-transform test • Add missing type hint in websocket-server-handler • Correctly handle too large headers/URIs • Add doc for undocumented response-executor parameter • Minor bugfix for keep-alive? false • Fixed major memory leak when sending InputStreams • Fixed bug when sending empty files • Fix returned filename in multipart uploads for clj-http parity • Ensure client exceptions handled and channel closed on invalid input • Fix minor bug with redirects and :method key • Fix bug in idle state timeouts • Disable misleading logs during tests • Switch to Netty’s FastThreadLocalThread for threads • Ensure wrap-future callbacks have thread bindings and a full classloader chain • Fix minor reflection warning in HttpContentCompressor ctor • Add missing direct dependency on Dirigiste

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