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We release version 0.6.0 of clj-test-containers. It now supports all wait strategies that Testcontainers for Java supports, and we added a new configuration to specify a startup-timneout for every wait strategy. Also, you can now define a Clojure function which gets called every time there is a new log line in the started Docker container and we added in-detail documentation for the log- and wait-strategies.

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clojure-lsp Released 2022.03.25-12.02.59 with lots of improvements and a new Find implementations of defmulti feature! We had huge performance improvements on startup and cpu cost, multiple fixes and improvements on a lot of exisiting features and even new code actions! For more information, check #lsp

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)09:03:06

Awesome with the defmulti impls! Just what I need!

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oxalorg (Mitesh)15:03:24

Hey all 🌸, never really posted updates about here. The project is alive and kicking 💪 thanks to the awesome contributors: @borkdude, wooseopkim, sjongejongejonge, @porkostomus, @pradeep.bishnoi, pengx17, @humorless279 and many more! Recently we've made a lot of fixes and changes: deduped solutions, fixed some crazy SCI related stuff around infinite ranges, improved error stacktraces, enabled gzip and other perf improvements, fixed edge cased input field bugs, improved design, and more! Full changelog is available here:

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Hi All, Just released version 0.0.1 of a new graphics library for Clojure Only 2D, fairly primitive, with only a small set of features. But I hope to build on it more. Some examples of what is already possible is in the README. Thanks!

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and big kudos to @borkdude for babashka/process . I'm glad i didn't need to figure it out myself

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