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Ben Sless18:03:03

is there a particular way I need to format data for it to be viewable with the vega viewers?


The is very minimal. However, if you want it to be the default you will need to set it via metadata {:portal.viewer/default :portal.viewer/vega}

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The vega-lite is a little more involved, but still pretty minimal. And again, for setting the default viewer {:portal.viewer/default :portal.viewer/vega-lite}

Ben Sless18:03:34

I see, so I need to format the data for vega to make sense of it


There are also a few viewers that will translate common data patterns to vega/vega-lite for you

Ben Sless19:03:05

alright, it's starting to come together now, thanks

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Ben Sless19:03:45

grrr, my issue from 6 months ago is still open

Ben Sless19:03:06

All I wanted was a logit scale graph 😞

Ben Sless19:03:50

I can confirm the viewers work great, though 🙂

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I never used the vega viewers, but I would start with

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