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Glosa upgrades to 1.3.0 with private endpoints and paves the way for an administrative panel

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Happy to announce lein-monolith 1.6.1 with a handful of new features and some long-standing bug fixes! Significant changes include: • The each task supports a new :silent option, which will suppress task output for successful projects. This can be useful in large CI builds where the output is only consulted in the event of failure. • The each task is now compatible with composite profiles. • When each is used with :parallel, task aliases are now correctly resolved before iteration starts. • The monolith settings can now use :inherit-raw and :inherit-leaky-raw for attributes which should be inherited without interpretation (like paths). • The unlink task will now only remove internal checkouts by default.

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babashka v0.2.3 released! Release notes: Featuring babashka/process: a new Clojure library around dealing with java.lang.Process and many other additions and fixes. Come chat in #babashka to learn more.

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